Thistle and Pheasant-Berry

1-2-1 Obedience and Gundog Training

I have always been fascinated with nature and love the changing of the seasons and with it, the working minds of animals and their behaviour towards each other, their relationships with us and through this passion, my dog training is based on what the dog wants or needs in order to progress. 

Dogs are great communicators and often as dog owners we miss small details that our dogs are telling us. 1-2-1 sessions mean that I can meet you and dog to work on a tailor-made training plan. 

It also means that I can help you to recognise key body language indicators that your dog is showing you, and help you to train for the breed and character of your dogs.

Dog Training

1-2-1 training sessions are available as one, or two, hour slot(s) and cover all areas of obedience training.


£30 per 1-hour session

£50 per 2-hour session

Obedience training includes, but not limited to:





Walking to heel

(All of these can be arranged around the distraction of other dogs)

These sessions can be arranged at a location near you, or I have access to private grounds that I can use but unfortunately, due to the current situation, home visits are currently unavailable due to restrictions and the difficulty in controlling risks.

Issues that need to be discussed with regards to the family and home can be arranged by video chat and these are offered at a reduced rate.

Cost: £20 per 1-hour session

For further information and to book a face to face or video session please contact me via the contact form on the home page.

Gundog training: 

For Home and Field

Gundog training is particularly suitable for the Kennel Club classed Working and Gundog breeds, and for any dog that would have been traditionally bred for the purpose of working and will thrive from the structure and mental stimulation that this type of training provides.

It is also particularly beneficial for training any dog with a strong hunt or chase instinct, and also helps to focus a young dogs natural instincts so that develop correctly. This focused training helps regardless of if they will be used for working or as a family pet.

This is because mental stimulation over physical has more behavioural benefits as too much physical stimulation can cause further behavioural issues such as chewing and barking. It also helps a dog to develop and directs excess energy into more favourable behaviours.

These sessions are tailored to suit your requirements and cover everything you need to keep your dogs entertained and guided as they develop.

Cost: £50 per 2-hour session

For further information and to book a session please contact me via the contact form on the home page.