Thistle and Pheasant-Berry

Welcome to my page dedicated to all my dog training and pet related services

With over 10 years experience working with dogs, I also hold diplomas in Nutrition, Animal Communication and Behaviour, and Animal Psychology which has taught me how they communicate with us, each other and how we can help them in their day to day lives by recognising what their behaviour means.

Details of all my options for training (In-house, 1-2-1, Groups and as day care) and house sitting are below, where you will find more details about each service and how they work. Each service is flexible as well as varied to suit your requirements and day to day lives.

To book, check availability or for more information, please message me via the contact form on the home page.

In-House Dog Training

Finding a balance in our day to day lives to train our dogs and puppies can sometimes be an uphill struggle. Not only can life and work get in the way of providing structure and balance for your pet(s) but lack of it can often cause behavioural problems in our dogs such as over excitement, biting/nipping, chewing and barking.

For dogs such as youngsters or rescues, they crave a routine and focus in their day to day lives and often this can be disrupted by a lack of routine and lack of mental stimulation.

Dogs of all ages need stability but when they're young or have had a problematic start, this becomes even more vital.

Of course, there are trainers and walkers out there that, like me, will take your dogs for short walks to break up their day or meet with you to do a short training session to help with key issues.

Whilst these services provide vital support and stimulation for your dogs, I understand that sometimes dog owners need a little more support.

With this in mind, I have added an additional option whereby I can offer week-long training courses.

How does it work? It is really simple and best of all, it's completely flexible!

The training is run Monday to Friday and each day I will collect your dog on each day in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon, at times that suit you. During each day, your dog will then receive training, social walks, plenty of rest breaks and meals if required.

At the end of the week we will then get together and I will show you what training I have implemented and teach you how to continue it. You will also receive a written report on what training has been done, how to do it and any videos taken during the week.


Monday to Friday week-long training (6 hours per day): £400 for the full week working out at just £13 per hour with discounts available for two week bookings or longer, and for multiple dog homes.

Group Dog Training

Saturdays through July:





9.30am - 11.30am

“Gundog Training”

This three week mini-course is perfect for any breed classed under the Kennel Club as a Working or Gundog breed, or any dog with a high drive for chasing, hunting or displaying unwanted behaviours such as jumping up or play-biting. 

These sessions will cover recall, retrieving, whistle training and hunting, but with added distractions and tests to build on your  dogs instincts and focus even more on you than on its surroundings.

£60 per dog/handler for the full three week course.

Payment via BACS on booking.

1-2-1 Dog Training

(Obedience and Gundog Training for the home and field)

I have always been fascinated with nature and love the changing of the seasons and with it, the working minds of animals and their behaviour towards each other and towards us through this passion, my dog training is based on what the dog wants or needs in order to progress.

Dogs are great communicators and often as dog owners we miss small details that our dogs are telling us and 1-2-1 sessions mean that I can meet you and your dog and work on a tailor made training plan.

It also means that I can help you to recognise key body language indicators that your dog is showing you  and help you train for the breed and character of your dogs.

The sessions can be arranged at a location near you or I have access to private grounds where can use a variety of surroundings.

Dog Training

1-2-1 sessions are available as one or two hour hour slots and cover all aspects of obedience training.


£30 per 1 hour session

£50 per 2 hour session

Obedience training includes, but not limited to:





Walking to heel

(All of these can be arranged around the distraction of our own dogs)

Gundog Training: 

For Home and Field

Gundog training is particularly suitable for the Kennel Club classed Working and Gundog breeds, and for any dog that would have been traditionally bred for the purpose of working and with thrive from the structure and mental stimulation that this type of training provides. 

It is also particularly beneficial for training any dog with a strong hunt or chase instinct, and also helps to focus a young dogs instincts so that they develop correctly. This focussed training helps regardless of whether they will be used for working or kept as a family pet.

This is because mental stimulation over physical has more behavioural benefits as too much physical stimulation can cause further behavioural issues such as chewing and barking. It also helps a dog to develop and directs excess energy into more favourable behaviours.

The sessions are tailored to suit your requirements and cover everything you need to keep your dog entertained and guided as they develop. 

Cost: £50 per 2 hour session

Day Care - with a twist

On the days where life or work take you away from your dog(s) for longer periods, I offer half and full day services in order to ensure that your dog(s) are given enough company, leaving you to plan your day without worry and knowing that your dog(s) are in safe hands. My day/half day care offers a mix of social walks and training to ensure that your dogs are stimulated and that any training routines you have in place are followed continuously.


Half day care (from 2 hours up to 4 hours) £15

Full day care (over 4 hours, up to 8) £30

£5 for each additional dog from the same home.

**DISCLAIMER: Please note that in agreement with the local council I do not require a licence as I do not offer accommodation for your dog(s). **

My day/half day care is unique as they will join me on my walks so will be out and about for the duration of their time with me. 

This features regular walks as well as regular breaks and training, and I will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

As a dog owner, I fully understand the need for a decent walk especially when you're at work all day so my walks are not only sociable to encourage play but are also varied which offers a range of stimulations to keep your dog happy and entertained.

House/Pet Sitting

Holiday and daytime pet care for when you want your pets to remain in the comforts of their own homes. This service is also available without pets to ensure that you home is safe and secure during your holiday.

Pet / House sitting is the perfect option for not only ensuring that your house is secure and well looked after, but also ensures that your pets routine is not disturbed and they remain happy and relaxed in their own surroundings.

It also provides a suitable alternative to kennels or day-care because it ensures that your dog and pets don't have their routine disrupted.

Costs are:

Regular visits (no overnight care): £30 per day

In-home care (staying in your home for the full duration of your time away): £20 per day

This service is flexible and I can either offer this as day visits, where your pets stay on their own over night or I can stay in your home for the full duration of your absence.

Includes feeding, regular walking (for dogs) and ensuring that your pet is kept happy, with plenty of regular company and kept safe in your own home.

For any other requirements please do not hesitate to contact me as I may well be able to cater for other extras.

Pet services include:


Walks: 30- or 60-minute

Litter box cleaning

Transportation to vet or groomer

Home services include:

Watering plants

Bringing in newspapers/mail

Turning on/alternating lights

Opening/closing blinds

Carrying rubbish in/out