Thistle and Pheasant-Berry


Welcome to my events page where you will find details of upcoming  mini-events designed for families with children aged 5-11 and for mini-dog training sessions designed to iron out key issues and gaps in their training.

Please keep an eye on here as well as my Facebook page "Thistle and Pheasant-Berry'' for details of new events as they will be added year-round.

Please also let me know if there's anything that you'd like me to add as I'm always looking for inspiration. 

To book on any of these events, please message me via the contact form on the home page.

**Please note that as with all my services, events are run in line with current Government guidelines and with additional Covid-safe precautions in place**

Family Nature Walks

These 1-hour mini sessions take you and your children on an investigative tour of the beautiful flora and fauna in our fields,

hedgerows and gardens.

Together we'll learn how to identify, draw and observe the ecosystems around us as well as learn how to be safe and respectful in a wild environment.

Cost: £20 per family group

Only one family group per session.

Available year round.

Children and Dogs

Is there anything purer than the way dogs love children and visa versa? 

They quickly become best friends and partners in crime, but often need careful guidance on the types of play and what children should, and shouldn't, be doing with your new addition.

My 1-hour mini workshop is aimed at getting your children involved with your dogs and teaches them how they can help with training and taking care of your dog, how to approach dogs and how to live and be around them in a safe and respectful way.

These sessions are particularly helpful for families with young children, with older dogs or puppies.

Cost: £20 per family group

Only one family group per session.

Available year round.