Thistle and Pheasant-Berry

Seasonal Starter and Mini Ecosystem Creation Kits

Pre-made with planted and labelled seeds, these kits can be easily placed on any windowsill and planted out into pots, borders and beds of any size.

The kits contain a pre-filled windowsill propagator and a guide to what seeds enclosed as well as how to look after them, and you choose what seeds you’d like in it.

The propagators have space for 12 seeds and the following seeds are available to order from now ready for collection or delivery in February.

Costs: £20 per starter kit 

Or come and join me for a guided lesson in creating your starter kits and ecosystems which provides a perfect space for nature. You'll start by joining me in our garden where you will see my ecosystem and learn about the Science behind it and how it is designed to provide a perfect place to encourage all species of insects and pollinators.

Costs (per person with discounts available for groups of 3 or more):

2 hour session £50

Half day (4 hours) £80

Full day (6 hours) £100

All lessons come with tea and cake included as well as your homemade kits, with a buffet lunch provided with the full day sessions. All provided by myself from my 5* rated kitchen with the MSDC.